Nicolas Fitaire

Our son stayed 3 years in the school. 3 years of happiness, freedom and visible personal and scholastic development.We can only recommend Indigo to make your child self confident, happy and ready to start his life strong and secure.

Ana Casano

The teachers are amazing, caring, kind, and treat all the kids with respect. The director of the school is great, she’s fully involved in the everyday activities, and is very kind and understanding.

Ivan Shakhov

We are very happy that our two daughters of different ages attended Indigo Kids. They both really learned to speak Czech and English. School preparation is also of excellent quality.

Olesea Mirza

The best thing about Indigo are its teachers, who really love their job, have extensive experience and are best professionals to prepare the children for their next steps.

Barbora Klement Hůlková

 Here, children learn English quite naturally, which is taught to them by teachers – native speakers. We travel a lot and after a year and a half in kindergarten we communicate in English without fear and without problems, it is completely normal for my daughter.

Rene Ochiai

I am very happy for the international environment, English, hours with a dog, a swimming course, a large garden and good food. I wish I could go to the same kindergarten.

Alena Pelcová

Díky pravidelnému rozvoji, který ve školce probíhá, je syn dokonale připraven na ZŠ a první rok se tam asi bude nudit, kolik toho umí:)

Anna Geyerová

I chose this kindergarten mainly because of the bilingual environment– the amazing location in the heart of Vyšehrad and the beautiful historic building with a large garden was a big bonus.