She graduated from University in Special pedagogy. She has been working with children since the year 2000. She used to teach at a nursery and worked in a private English nursery. She also was an assistant to an autistic boy and she used to be one of the camp leaders in a camp for mentally ill children. On top of that, she has 4 children of her own. She is very patient, cheerful, friendly and happy to help. She likes herbs, flowers and the sun.

KRISTINA Zámečníková


She graduated with degrees in Social Work and Special Education. During her studies she devoted herself to helping people with disabilities. Before joining Indigo Kids, she worked as a teacher in a children’s center for two years. Previously, she also worked as an au pair in Spain. For many years she has regularly led a children’s summer camp. She is very nice and likes to spend her free time in nature.



Veronika graduated from University studying preschool, extra-curricular pedagogy and adult education. In high school, she specialized in social law and worked in a nursery for kids with special needs. She lived in the UK for a year,  where she improved her English. She also worked one summer as a volunteer in Tanzania. She was helping children and adults who came from socially disadvantaged families. She is friendly, responsible and likes to laugh. She loves children, animals and creative work.



Ephraim hails from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Cultural Studies from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario as well as a TESOL certificate awarded by Trinity College London via the Oxford House, Prague. A resident of Prague since 1995, Ephraim has taught English to adults and children alike and also spent one year working with teenagers with learning disabilities. He has been working as a preschool teacher since 2009 and until recently was a full time staff member at Global International Preschool. Ephraim sings, plays guitar and also works as an actor in films and commercials. He has three sons of his own and has been told he has a special way with children. “I believe that the one way to educate children is by being a good example,” he says. “English can be taught easily through lessons, games, activities and conversation. What is not so easy is to see children as equals, equals in the sense that they have a very open and unclouded way of seeing the world, without judgements. If we, as instructors and care-givers give them an open ear and our full attention and show them respect, we find this respect is readily returned and that they are much more willing to accept our guidance.

CAROL Fernandes


Born in sunny Brazil, Carol Fernandes has been an English teacher since she was 18. Carol holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in English, in addition to a Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency. She also spent some time in the USA, doing an exchange program at Wayne State University in Detroit. Since 2019, Carol has been teaching English to children and adults in Prague. As an educator, Carol believes, as Sidney J Harris would say “ The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows”. In her free time, Carol enjoys good mystery books, coffee and cats.

PETRA Tovarová


Petra previously worked as a nanny and assistant in a private kindergarten and as a nanny at home. She has extensive experience in organizing events for children such as the Fairy Tale Forest and Children’s Days. She also worked as a leader at a football camp. She likes children and their contagious laughter, going on trips, camping in nature, canoeing down rivers. Petra also likes meeting new people and hanging out with friends. She is honest, kind and knows how to listen to others.



Woof, my name is Tessie and I’m a canine therapy dog. I practice fine and gross motor skills, spatial orientation, hand/eye cooperation, reading and pre-mathematical literacy, colors, empathy and much more with our Indigo kids…all in a fun way, as we dogs and kids like it best. Kindergarten is my second home, so I’ll definitely see you soon. P.S. I’m not resting on my laurels and I’m still learning and training. So we won’t be bored together.



Wendy takes care of satisfied bellies and cleanliness in our kindergarten. She is friendly, communicative, and enjoys an active lifestyle. Wendy has a background in social services and non-pedagogical activities in basic education. With prior experience at international kindergartens, she brings valuable caregiving skills to our team.


Sometimes we are visited by animals like trained dogs and so on. Of course, children allergic to animals do not come into contact with them.


Each semester, there are two American trainees from CIEE program of Charles University at our nursery improving English of our children through playing games and other activities.