from 8:00-13:00 / 13:00-18:00  14 590 CZK 16 310 CZK 17 830 CZK
from 8:00-15:0017 180 CZK 19 120 CZK 20 960 CZK
from 8:00-18:0018 880 CZK 20 420 CZK 21 860 CZK

Pre-schoolers are required to attend school 5 days a week in accordance with regulations.

Price includes all day teaching in English and Czech including materials, pre-school education, fruits and vegetables throughout the day, drinks, all courses (except swimming), all day snacks and trips and events that take place throughout the school year.

Lunches are not included in the price, which is provided by Bistro Inspiration, where parents can order and choose food according to their preferences.


*Prices for year 2023/2024 are in CZK per month including VAT

In order for the children to get the most out of their education in the Czech and English language, it is necessary for them to attend at least three days a week.


Bank account 263867351/0300.

Monthly payments must be paid by 20th of the preceding month. 

Registration fee/reservation fee is 5 000 CZK and will be deducted from first monthly payment.

Sibling discount – if you enroll siblings the second child gets 10% off the price.

Any additional hours, outsider our preschools mening hours, will cost 250 CZK per hour

Do you need to set an individual attendance plan for your child? Do not hesitate to call us, and together we can find a suitable solution.