vegetable soup with mushrooms

canola oil*, carrot*, celery*, peas*, parsley*, potatoes*, onion*, sea salt, cumin*, marjoram*,oat flour*, mushrooms

Main course

turkey roll with herbs and cheese, stewed rice

turkey, chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, onion*, canola oil*, garlic*, cheese*, oregano*, sage*,parsley tops*, egg white*, onion tops*, rice*

Vegetarian main course

stewed sprout with roasted smoked tempeh, boiled potatoes

smoked tempeh, celery*, onion*, sprout*, canola oil*, rice milk*, garlic*, cumin*,vegetable bouillon*, sea salt, barley flour*, potatoes*



chicken broth with tyrolean dumpling

chicken and chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, celery*, carrot*, parsley*, pastry*, sea salt,parsley tops*, canola oil*, onion*, eggs*, milk*, vegetable bouillon*, nutmeg*

Main course

roast pork with natural sauce, potato dumplings, creamy spinach

pork*, broth from the bones*, onion*, garlic*, potato dough*, onion*, spinach*,garlic*, canola oil*, milk*, barley flour*

Vegetarian main cuorse

patties from puff pastry with spinach and vegetables, lettuce salad with radishes

puff pastry dough, canola oil*, onion*, spinach*, garlic*, cream cheese*, sea salt, mixed vegetables*, eggs*,sesame seeds*, lettuce*, radishes*, vinegar*, cane sugar*

Why the organic food?

We are aware that the most natural diet, which we can offer to children and adults are dishes made ​​from organic products. Therefore, raw materials used for the production of food in most cases come from organic farms.



broccoli-cream soup

canola oil*, onion*, oat flour*, broccoli*, potatoes*, milk*, mace*, sea salt, tamari soy sauce

Main course

plaice croquettes, boiled potatoes, cabbage salad with oranges

plaice, lemon juice*, fish spice*, olive oil*, carrot*, onion*, parsley tops*, eggs*, breadcrumb*, potatoes*,cabbage*, oranges*, vinegar*, olive oil*, sea salt

Vegetarian main course

cauliflower on paprika with marjoram, stewed rice

cauliflower*, onion*, canola oil*, garlic*, paprika*, marjoram*, milk*, barley flour*, rice*



beef soup with rice and vegetable

beef broth*, onion*, carrot*, ribbed celery*, parsley*, leek*, rice*, sea salt, parsley tops*, wild spice*

Main course

cous-cous with chicken and vegetables topped with cheese, orange-carrot salad

chicken and chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, carrot*, peas*, corn, onion*, canola oil*, tamari,cow ́s cheese*, vegetable bouillon*, cous-cous*, orange*, carrot*, cane sugar*, lemon juice*

Vegetarian main course

spinach slapjacks with grated pumpkin, potato purée, orange-carrot salad

onion*, spinach*, pumpkin*, butter*, egg yolks*, egg whites*, sea salt, garlic*, barley flour*,baking powder*, canola oil*, potatoes*, milk*, butter*, salad: orange*, carrot*, cane sugar*, lemon juice*

30.6.2017 (Friday)


handful soup with root vegetables

lentil*, peas*, beans*, groats*, carrot*, celery*, parsley*, garlic*, parsley tops*, onion*, marjoram*, oat flour*,sea salt, canola oil*

Main course

turkey with sauerkraut, whole homade yeast dumpling

turkey, chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, onion*, canola oil*, paprika*, tomato purée* sea salt,cumin*, garlic*, sauerkraut with carrot*, barley flour*, wheat flour*, eggs*, whole pastry*, yeast

Vegetarian main course

pumpkin ragout with roasted aubergines, pasta

pumpkin*, aubergines*, olive oil*, paprika*, onion*, milk*, barley flour*, sea salt, pasta*

Goodie for sweet-tooth

homemade buns with plum jam, cottage cheese and poppy seeds, cow ́s milk

yeast, cane sugar*, milk*, wheat flour*, eggs*, lemon peel*, sea salt, butter*, canola oil*, plums*,cottage cheese*, eggs*, cane sugar*, raisins*, lemon peel*, vanilla sugar*, milk*, poppy seeds*, milk*,cane sugar*, lemon peel*