broccoli-cream soup
canola oil*, vegetable bouillon*, onion*, oat flour*, broccoli*, milk*, sea salt, tamari soy sauce

Contained allergens: 1, 7, 6, 9

pork stewed with cabbage, boiled potatoes
pork*, chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, onion*, cabbage*, garlic*, cumin*, canola oil*,
sea salt, barley flour*, potatoes*

Contained allergens: 9, 1

Vegetarian main course

puff pastry snails with spinach pesto and pumpkin seeds, vegetable salad
puff pastry, spinach*, onion*, olive oil*, garlic*, pumpkin seeds*, cow ́s cheese*, sea salt, eggs*,
salad: iceberg lettuce*, cucumbers*, tomatoes*, peppers*, olive oil*, vinegar*

Contained allergens: 1, 7, 3



vegetable broth with semolina and wild spice
onion*, vegetable bouillon*, canola oil*, carrot*, celery*, parsley*, leek*, sea salt, wild spice*,
spelt semolina*, parsley tops*

Contained allergens: 1, 9

Main course

peppers stuffed with minced meat with tomato sauce, homemade yeast whole dumplings
pork*, beef*, onion*, cumin*, breadcrumb*, eggs*, groats*, canola oil*, onion*,
carrot*, celery*, parsley*, wild spice*, cinnamon*, tomato purée*, sea salt, vinegar*, cane sugar*,
peppers*, wheat flour*, eggs*, yeast, whole pastry*

Contained allergens: 9, 1, 3, 11

Vegetarian main cuorse

peas purée with vegetables, tomatoes and steamed soy sausage
peas*, onion*, canola oil*, mashed tomatoes*, garlic*, thyme*, savory*, carrot*, potatoes*,
parsley tops*, lemon juice*, sea salt, soy sausages

Contained allergens: 6

Why the organic food?

We are aware that the most natural diet, which we can offer to children and adults are dishes made ​​from organic products. Therefore, raw materials used for the production of food in most cases come from organic farms.

Price for lunch 85 CZK

Price forsnack 10 CZK



tomato soup with pasta
vegetable bouillon*, mashed tomatoes*, tomato purée*, onion*, garlic*, olive oil*, cane sugar*, pasta*,
oat flour*, sea salt, basil*

Contained allergens: 9, 1

Main course

chicken chunks with thyme, mashed potatoes, carrot salad with apples
chicken, Franky ́s spice*, paprika*, thyme*, sea salt, canola oil*,
potatoes*, carrot*, apples*, lemon juice*, cane sugar*

Contained allergens:

Vegetarian main course

baked vegetables with cream, stewed rice
olive oil*, carrot*, beetroot*, pumpkin*, zucchinis*, aubergine*, onion*, garlic*, cream*,
rice*, sea salt, basil*, oregano*

Contained allergens: 7



chicken broth with tyrolean dumpling
chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, celery*, carrot*, parsley*, pastry*, sea salt,
parsley tops*, canola oil*, onion*, eggs*, milk*, vegetable bouillon*

Contained allergens: 9, 1, 11, 3, 7

Main course

spaghetti milanese topped with cheese
turkey, onion*, mashed tomatoes*, tomato purée*, canola oil*, cane sugar*,
paprika*, garlic*, oregano*, barley flour*, sea salt, spaghetti pasta*, cheese*

Contained allergens: 7, 1

Vegetarian main course

dumplings stuffed with tempeh, topped with roasted onion, stewed red cabbage
potato dough*, smoked tempeh*, onion*, canola oil, celery*, sea salt, red cabbage*, onion*, canola oil*,
cumin*, cane sugar*, vinegar*, barley flour*, sea salt

Contained allergens:  1, 6, 9

12.4.2019 (Friday)


bean soup with smoked meat
smoked meat, white beans*, onion*, carrot*, celery*, parsley*, potatoes*,
canola oil*, garlic*, oat flour*, sea salt, lovage*, parsley tops*

Contained allergens: 1, 9

Main course

rabbit ragout with tomatoes and celery tops, stewed rice
rabbit, chicken broth from organic farm Trněný Újezd, canola oil*, onion*, garlic*, paprika*,
mashed tomatoes*, celery tops*, barley flour*, sea salt, rice*

Contained allergens:  9, 1

Vegetarian main course

sour bean pods with hard boiled egg, boiled potatoes
bean pods*, canola oil*, onion*, barley flour*, cow ́s milk*, vinegar*, cane sugar*, eggs*, sea salt, potatoes*

Contained allergens: 3, 1, 7

Goodie for sweet-tooth

vanilla pancake with strawberry sauce
wheat flour*, eggs*, milk*, cane sugar*, vanilla sugar*, vanilla*, sea salt,
canola oil*, strawberries, cane sugar*

Contained allergens: 7, 1, 3

The list of food allergens, which are subject to legislative labeling according to EU Directive 1169/11

Cereals containing gluten, specifically: wheat, rye, barley, oat, spelt, kamut or their hybrid varieties
and products thereof ( excluding wheat gluten based syrups, including dextrose, wheat based maltodextrins, barley-based glucose syrups, cereals used to make alcoholic distillates, including ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin.
1p – cereals containing gluten – wheat
1ž – cereals containing gluten – rye
1j – cereals containing gluten – barley
1o – cereals containing gluten – oat
1š – cereals containing gluten – spelt
1k – cereals containing gluten – kamut
2 Crustaceans and products thereof
3 Eggs and products thereof
4 Fish and products thereof (excluding fish gelatin used as a carrier for vitamin or carotenoid preparations)
5 Groundnuts (peanuts) and products thereof
6 Soya beans (soy) and products thereof
7 Milk and dairy products including lactose (excluding whey used to make alcoholic distillates,
including ethanol of agricultural origin, lactinol)
8 Nuts, specifically: almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, peanuts, pecan nuts, pistachios,
macadamia and products thereof (excluding nuts used in the manufacture of alcoholic spirits,
including ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin).
8a – nuts and products thereof – almonds
8b – nuts and products thereof – hazelnuts
8c – nuts and products thereof – walnuts
8d – nuts and products thereof – cashew nuts
8e – nuts and products thereof – para nuts
8f – nuts and products thereof – pistachios
8g – nuts and products thereof – macadamia
9 Celery and products thereof
10 Mustard and products thereof
11 Sesame seeds (sesame) and products thereof
12 Sulphur dioxide and sulphites at concentrations of more than 10 mg, ml / kg, l, expressed as SO2
13 Lupine (Lupin) and products thereof
14 Molluscs and products thereof